Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 Hand Carry Twinstack 2-HP Compressor

P1IU-A9 Ingersoll Rand has a reputation as one of the most enduring, this compressor has twin-stack configuration of two tanks, powerful engine has impressed me and probably will make you satisfied. Ingersoll Rand has proven they constantly create high-quality products and excellent customer service. This engine is designed for the most difficult applications and surely meet your standards when it comes to professionalism and long-term products. P1IU-A9 likely compete with many other products have much higher price on the market.


Features and Specifications

The device is targeted at enthusiasts who are into renovated although this unit is a favorite of bidders as well its incredible strength and reliability. No little exaggerated here, because it was built really like a tank! It has enough power with two quick connect coupler located on the compressor to run two tools simultaneously. The P1IU-A9 uses a oil-lubricant pump to help compressor be last longer. Other features include four gallon twin tank, ¼ – inch compound, a mounted controller and a pressure gauge, a powerful 2 horsepower engine in a heavy frame and powerful mobile, 135 The maximum discharge pressure psi. So, if you are looking for the best air compressor for tiers , I recommend , you shouldn’t choose this air compressor .


The double tank of this models total 4.5 liters and are stacked horizontally. The unit weighs only 77 pounds but not exactly remarkable mobility scream. To make things worse, it does not have any wheels, however, it does not come with a window handle that makes it to a certain extent, it is not easy to move up and down the stairs. It is more convenient to use it with a dolly or a cart, so you can push it around easier.


It has a 2hp motor can provide a smooth and steady way due to its perfectly balanced crankshaft to minimize vibrations. The supply of 125 PSI compressor with 4.4 CFM 90 PSI. This makes the Ingersoll Rand compressors one of the highest performance in its category. If you are looking for a compressor which is capable of running continuously without a hitch, I think this device is worth considering.


It has an oil-lubricant pump that is better for longevity, and it requires at least money for maintenance. You can trust on the power of the compressor, because any bidder would see this air compressor suitable for their job, moreover it can also be a complex task as building a deck or roof. Thanks to the widespread use in its construction, it can operate continuously tasks for projects longer.

Customer review

This compressor users average rating of 4.4 stars on online sites. Most people would agree that this is a very high quality product and it has reasonable price.

They greatly appreciate the outstanding features of this air compressor such as: high quality cast iron and components, strongly, low vibration, ranks filled up quickly, fairly quiet for compressors…

However, there are a few problems that some customers have experienced. Some people complained that this device is quite heavy and have no wheels to be considered as a cellular air compressor. The pressure gauges were not damaged during transport but were being packed Ingersoll-Rand factory. However customer service at Ingersoll-Rand is excellent. People say that the company was quick to response and send new replacement meter via FedEx overnight delivery.


This compressor has received much praise in DIY’ers as well as specialists. Although compact, its twin tanks enable smooth power delivery and cast iron construction makes it as powerful as a concrete bunker. Most people also commented that it pressures up quickly and they have no problem running two tools simultaneously. After researching all the reviews online it seems most of people feel that Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 is a good quality air compressor with extremely affordable price. If you are looking for a compressor can do the job perfectly every time you use it, please consider buying this model

Cinema movie online

And then comes the ever-increasing wealth of niche materials–national or thematic–that I term “peripheral cinemas,” which are on YouTube: the entire output of Romanian cinema, from its onset to rarely seen, remarkably raw, and satisfying pre-New Wave 1990s films; the wealth of Soviet historical features available in full with subtitles, from Dovzhenko’s Aerograd (1935), a Far East tale of Japanese conspiracy, to Mikheil Chiaureli’s Fall of Berlin (1950), a rare, highly controversial interpretation of Stalin.

Knowledge of these texts was, until recently, the domain of experts specializing in their respective national or thematic traditions. Anyone interested in viewing this material now can do so instantly; these previously untapped potentials open up many interesting academic developments. Because of YouTube and other sites, peripheral cinema is now much more visible than ever, as is access to what was previously classed “obscure” material. (5) More of this type of rare cinema is going to come online and very soon, while its release on DVD or some other commercially available form is likely to remain limited. Many of the films that one can view online are not available on DVD and never will be. Producing a DVD is a commercial enterprise requiring investment, and thus an existing market and recoupment; this is not really viable with such niche material.

Whenever I claim that we have never had such an abundance of rare cinematic material at our fingertips, I immediately face skeptical reactions. One objection is that much of this material is available only in archives and is never likely to be available elsewhere. True. But much that was previously unavailable is already here; we must decide whether the glass is half empty or half full.

  • The glass-half-empty critique was made by a doctoral student from Uruguay during a conference on political documentary in April 2013. Another student, however, working on early Balkan cinema, who attended the same event, called me just a few days later to say that while she had at the time agreed with our Uruguayan colleague, she had since located most of her material online, on YouTube, including rarely seen work by the Manaki brothers from 1905, Aristide Demetriade’s 1912 feature The Independence of Romania, and the 1911 Serbian feature, Karadjordje, the latter two with English subtitles.
  • This material was not there just a year ago; the Romanian film had been made available only in February 2013 by Germany’s Cinema History Channel, established in January. The work of numerous activists on projects to digitize the content of archives–such as Mark Cousins’s work with the Albanian film archive in Tirana, funded by Scorsese’s World Film Foundation–leads to a constantly changing and evolving availability of early cinema material.

Faced with current technological developments, archives lose their grip over the moving image: until recently, they could control who had access to what, when, and at what cost. The newly emerging plethora of films can now be accessed in a system of free exchange beyond the control of archives. The Internet undermines the workings of regulated archives, which are often dependent on revenues from licensing or procuration fees. Online vaults of African cinema currently being collaboratively developed with African TV stations mean, according to African film specialist David Murphy, that rare films “may largely bypass the DVD revolution and instead become available to audiences for a first time via internet streaming,” without ever having entered traditional archival settings. So, despite being “an inherently unstable, ephemeral phenomenon … an anathema to the goals of long-term preservation inherent within the conception of the official archive,” the Internet permits “access to African film in ways that the official archive has thus far found impossible to replicate.”

There are, too, those vast accumulations of material collected on video and stored in the basements of the world’s amateur-and sometimes not-so-amateur–cinephiles. Decades of rare and forgotten late-night screenings, obscure television productions, and mail-order rarities are being digitized by private collectors for their own reminiscence and access, and shared with like-minded buffs in the sometimes shady recesses of the Internet. Their accumulation and presentation on BitTorrent sites dedicated to niche and peripheral cinemas effectively create archives of personal archives. These massive, freely available, freely accessible collections of hundreds of thousands of films are backed-up, saved, and stored in multiple copies to subvert possible takedowns by copyright watchdogs. They won’t disappear.

Which brings us to a second objection to claims of online abundance: that such material disappears as easily as it appears. Partly true. I have known many occasions when something previously available was withdrawn without warning. The brilliantly funny 2007 short A 8944 km de Cannes by Brazilian director Walter Salles was withdrawn from all Websites at the request of its producer, the Cannes Film Festival, which commissioned the short, alongside thirty others from famous directors, for its sixtieth anniversary. So this hilarious three-minute film, the best one that this director has

made so far, therefore remains largely unknown and available only on the limited-edition DVD omnibus collection Chacun son cinema. It cannot even be found on the Cannes Festival’s Website.

Observe the Leonid meteor shower

They’re back! After several exceptional displays in recent years, the Leonid meteor shower again will appear under dark skies and peak in the early morning hours of Saturday, November 17. Yet no one knows for sure what the shower has in store for us. Estimates range from a few streaks up to two dozen meteors per hour at the peak.

Predicting meteor rates, particularly for the highly variable Leonid shower, is akin to estimating how many snowflakes will fall on a specific area of ground. You simply can’t know until it’s over. And, as with all meteor showers, you’ll experience what happens only if you’re outside observing.

The remarkable activity seen during the past 15 years came about because Earth crossed through regions that the shower’s parent comet, 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, visited during its perihelion passage (closest approach to the Sun) in 1998. This year, the timing of Earth’s passage across the comet’s orbit favors observers in North America. They should see the shower’s peak before dawn November 17. The three-day-old crescent Moon sets a few hours after sunset, so it won’t interfere at all.

The why and where of Leo

The Leonids got that name because if you trace all the meteor trails backward, they meet within the boundaries of the constellation Leo the Lion. In Greek (and Roman) mythology, Leo represents the Nemean Lion, the slaying of which was the first of Herakles’ (Hercules’) 12 labors.

To find Leo in the sky, first locate the Big Dipper, which during November will ride high in the northeast around 2 a.m. local time. Poke a hole in the bottom of the Big Dipper’s bowl. As the water runs out, you may hear a mighty roar because the liquid will fall on Leo’s back. The constellation itself rises around local midnight.

Meteors 101

Meteors are small particles of rock and metal that Earth runs into during its orbit around the Sun. In space, these particles are called meteoroids. When they burn up in the atmosphere, we observe bright streaks called meteors. If they survive the fiery ordeal of passage through our thick blanket of air and land on Earth, they are then known as meteorites. No meteorites are generated from meteor showers–the particles are too small.

Most meteor showers originate from comets, with only a couple tracing their origins to asteroids. As a comet swings near the Sun, heat vaporizes the body’s ice, releasing small particles along the comet’s orbit–a meteoroid stream. Sometimes the path of this debris crosses Earth’s orbit. When our planet runs into this stream of particles, we experience a meteor shower. One year later, Earth is in the same general area, and it happens again.

The Leonid meteor shower originates with Comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, discovered in 1865 by German astronomer Ernst Tempel and independently found in 1866 by American astronomer Horace Tuttle. The comet itself is about 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) in diameter and orbits the Sun with a period of slightly more than 33 years.

As Tempel-Tuttle makes its closest approach to the Sun, it also passes close to Earth’s orbit. Our encounter with the debris stream from Tempel-Tuttle will begin November 6 and continue through the 30th, but the most intense activity typically lasts only two to three hours.

Astronomers estimate that the 2012 Leonids will peak at 9h30m UT November (17.) That’s bad for Europe but great for the United States because that time translates to 4:30 a.m. EST and after midnight for the other three time zones that cover the lower 48 states. Morning hours are the best for observing because that’s when those parts of Earth face the direction of its orbit, thus sweeping up more meteors. During the peak, observers at a dark site should count 15 to 20 meteors per hour.

Leonid meteors are fast. They blaze into the atmosphere at 44 miles (71km) per second, the swiftest of any shower meteors. The high speeds mean they produce a greater percentage of fireballs (a meteor bright enough to cast a shadow at a dark site) than most showers.

Fireballs often leave behind glowing “trains” of material that can persist for a minute or more. Viewing details in these trains is the main reason to consider bringing binoculars along on your meteor expedition. Usually, Leonid meteors are white or bluish-white, but in recent years some observers reported yellow-pink and copper-colored meteors.

Advantages of popular garage doors

Garage door in today’s society has gradually become more popular with families and businesses. Along with that, in the market there are many different types of doors: Each one has different advantages. To help customers select products like the book store, here we introduce the advantages of each most commonly used garage door.

  • Knitted-together doors

Quiet operation

Structural consecutive panels help to eliminate noise by up to 90% when closing / opening.

Poly wire runs along the body of the door to minimize friction.

Convenient usage thanks to the handy remote control.

Opening speed quickly reach 3 ÷ 5 cm / s, reducing the waiting time.

Open the door by hand easily thanks to the synergy spring roller system.

Rubber rings mounted on the bottom bar to prevent dust, water.

Durable and safe for using

  • Open doors:

Aesthetic feature ensures the open space inside.

With the synchronized design of frame system, system of capacity and system of support rollers helps eliminate up to 90% noise when the door closed down with smooth operation.

Using the new generation technology with the motion Semi-Austmatic integrated in the software of the control box makes rolling open door ensure the safety of all members in the house.

  • Fire avoiding doors

As the name implies, fireproof rolling door will automatically close when the fire occurs. With specially design fireproof rolling door will open quickly in an emergency. With smooth operation and safety for users, this type of door will meet demand of the customers.

  • High-speed roll doors:

Prominent feature of these products is the high speed 3.6m / s, 10 times faster than conventional rolling doors, reducing time.

Energy savings due to being applied in environments with temperature, air pressure, cold room requires ensure maximum reduction of heat loss and energy matching workshops, factories, cold storage in health care, food factory or plant producing electrical components made of lightweight materials in a convenient quick commissioning process

  • Transparent doors

Outstanding features stands on the ability to be looked throughout the door, that is, the space inside and outside only separated by a glass plate, the two sides still can see through. This type ensures the distance inside and outside of the doors, anti-dust, anti-noise … this door type is suitable for a lot of garage types.

This is general review for the garage doors now in the market. With the following detailed information, you will be provided with more specific advantages and disadvantages of some popular types of best garage doors.

  1. Chamberlain wd832kev
  • Even works when power outage

With the usage of WD962KEV, you may use entirely your garage during a power outage. The WD962KEV features are integrated with backup battery, so when the power goes out, the opener garage door will still work. The system supports up to 20 open / close cycles in the first 24 hours of an outage.

  • Automatically Close if you forget

Thanks to the self-timer characteristic, you can set the WD962KEV to automatically shut your garage after a period of time – in case you forget to close it. This function can be programmed to shut down after one minute or more.

  • Control interior and exterior Lights

This product is equipped with a modern technology permitting you to set it to automatically control the interior and exterior lights, that’s why you don’t have to suffer from coming home in the dark. These lighting accessories are required to take advantage of this feature and are sold separately.

  1. German garage door
  • Features superior

Always ensure the correct thickness of the door’s splints (Item quality and right price).

Paint coater is high-end outdoor of NOBEL AZO.

Safer when the door closed state to slit open by against lifting parts.

Reversing when encounter the obstacles.

When the door to hit the ground without stopping.

Shaft 3.0mm thick galvanized door without being sag and high durability.

System Buli G-shaped plastic door PA enables quieter operation.

Integrated control box has Australian features.

Produced and packed at the factory with high quality and stability control.

  • Equipment anti-lift gates

Designed specially for the door not being lifted while maintaining the open slots to create different than any other virtue doors.

Sensors anti-burst door

German technology is specifically designed to ensure the following outstanding features:

Reversing when encounter the obstacles. Avoid the phenomena of being prevented if pressing to key down will damage the sensor door as usual.

When the door hit the ground will not automatically disconnect but continue to play until the door is completely closed.

Integrated sensors within the control box , so it is unnecessary to use the battery as the normal types.

Integrating the alarm when there are intruders from outside.

Parts of rolling door sensors are specifically designed, concealed in the bottom bar without disfiguring and are protected bottom bar rainwater and moisture intrusion.

The safety and high sensitivity.

All above are the advantages and disadvantages of popular garage door types in the market. Before deciding to purchase one for you garage you have to consider carefully the important factors, choose a prestigious brand to ensure the quality of the product. For a garage, the most important factor is not only the reasonable design but also a good garage door to guarantee the safety element. In addition, it also needs to guarantee the convenience as well as the beauty of the garage. This paper is hoped to useful for you.


Important notes for a living room decorating plan

There is a variety of living room decorating styles you can choose to apply for your living room decorating plan, may be hundreds or thousands of options for you to pick up, for instance hardwood or stained concrete and so on. No matter which option you choose, each element of the living room should be go along a common themes to fit the overall living room decorating plan. This plan is set in motion to remodel the living room to have a new appearance.

The best way to start execute your living room remodeling plan is to research and find out the main using purpose of the living room. You want it to be a original living room or a multi – purpose one. A living room just to meet up with visitors is too original and old fashion to modern people. Nowadays, house owners often design living room to become a play room mixed with a shared room in the house. You can play a lot of games in this type of room for example ball game, video games, karaoke and so on.

When you design a living room with purpose beyond accenting a room looks, it is called a function decoration. It is often used on a daily basis by some living room decorating experts. This is made the fundamental premise behind all of their work by many interior decorators. When decorating a living room, wood tables and chairs are most traditional functional pieces of furniture. People can use them as tea table, coffee table. Sometime, they attach some art work such as pictures of family under the table surface like a way to show off or remind of best memories of family.

Type of material to make these functional pieces of furniture in the living room is very important. This is one of point to as all the things in your living room in a collective group instead of separate things placed in the same room. Metal furniture is now going to own the market. People are in favor of this kind of furniture because of their appearance and durability.

No matter what you will place in your living room, beside the face that they have to meet your demand in terms of themes, material and so on, they should be the things you like.

I hope that the provided information will be useful for you.

How to improve your living room in low budget?

Money is the most powerful thing in the market. It has a great ability to control everything. It is hard for human being to be independent of this kind of thing. When you want to do anything, the first thing you need to do is to check your wallet, budget or bank account. Especially, when you want to do some important work such as home improvement, size of your budget is even more important. Actually, the problem of limited budget can be solved by several solutions. In case, you are not interested in the first solution, you should continue with the article to read some tricks provided to help you improve your house in limited budget. The tricks will be provided part by part. Today, the tricks will be for living room decoration and improvement in tight budget.

In any room, living room is the first pace visitors will pass by. Therefore, it is considered face of the house. Beside, this is the place where family members use most of the time when they are at home. As a result, house owners often pay great attention to decorate this room. However, this work often costs them a fortune. Even though, it does not mean that they will give up on beautifying their living room. A wonderful living room is not only beautiful and gorgeous but also comfortable for every people in your house.

When you have time to look around your living room and you suddenly notice that a lot of things in your living room need a new appareance but your budget are too tight to do it, do not be worried. At first, you should check out the internet to find experience of other people used to be in the same case as yours and learn some useful tips they gave.

Today, I also give you some tips that help you not to waste a tone of money for remodeling your living room. You only need 5basic steps below to deal with your budget problem.

  1. Use some new slipcovers and pillows.

Slipcovers and pillows are usually used with sofas and chairs. They are not only helpful for sitter to feel comfortable but also types of decorations for chairs and sofas. The color of slipcovers and pillows are able to make incredible change for your chairs and sofas. There is a variety of colors and styles of slipcovers and pillows for you to choose. However, you should remember your budget, so that the color should be suitable for many different colors of chairs and sofas. In case, you want to save laundry fee, you had better choose dark color to prevent dust and mark on your pillows and slipcovers from showing off. It is recommended to use plus size colorful pillows or decorative throwing on your pillows. They will become remarkable points on your sofas and make your living room look bright and fresher.

  1. Replace you carpets with area rugs.

This method can be applied for a living room with different seating area instead of an extremely large one and you feel that you are bored with a wall – to – wall carpet. With rugs, you can separate your living room into different seating area and make your room look new. You can choose colorful rugs or with special material so that they intentionally become your décor in the living room. It is popular to use rugs o tile or hard wood floors. The softness of rugs and the hardness of wood floor will be balanced.

  1. How about some ideas of changing your traditional wall decoration?

Walls are often only painted with color, but now, people are more creative; they invented many other different ways to decorate their walls.

Hanging some mirrors or modern artwork on the wall is one of the most popular ideas nowadays. Mirrors have some magical effect on interior decoration. The most considerable one is the ability to expand room’s space. With reflection, mirrors do not only make the room brighter but also make it somehow look larger.

With some artwork of your family members or friends, you can hang them on the walls to become unique points in your living room. It is because these artworks are handmade by your friends and family members; there is no one able to have the same things as yours.

A recent new trend is hanging cloth above couches or chair. The change of the aura of your living room will be incredible only by a minor change like this.

Pictures of your family are also things you can use to decorate your living room. With these pictures, you are not only showing off the best moment of you and your family but also warming up your family atmosphere any time you and other members of your family looking at them.

The above recommended décor are cheap and easy to apply. You should try them to see the amazing change.

  1. Give your lighting system a variation

Lighting system has a strong effect on your living room look. A minor change of it can make significant change for your living room’s appearance. You should brighten up your living room. There are two methods you can use to make it brighter. The first method I want to mention is to take advantage of natural light to brighten your room. The most advantage of this method is energy – saving. You should open your window wide to earn more sunshine along with heat. The other method, you have to use lamps and candles or mirrors to make your living room brighter.

  1. Reorganize furniture in your living room.

Sometimes, you do not even need to add some new pieces of furniture in your living room. The only thing you need to do is to rearrange current furniture in your living room. For instance, you can change the direction of your sofa into a new one that leads to the change of direction of light and air stream in your living room.

Colors for your living room walls

It is not easy for any house owner to choose color for walls, especially it is living room. Living room always considered the face of your house. It is because when visitors come to your house, the first place they pass by is the living room. Actually, furniture organization is very important to success of living room decoration. However, walls are background for all of them; the color of the walls must be fitted with the organization of every piece of furniture in this room.

Today, I will give you features and effect of some color on changing living room decoration.

  • RED: Red is a popular color used in restaurant. It creates people feeling of happiness and excitement. In other word, red has the ability to stimulate people’s energy easily. However, when you use red in your living room, you also feel hot. Therefore, house owners are quite afraid of painting their walls with this color. It can make your eyes burned in summer. However, when you choose red in kitchen, it is another story. Red makes your kitchen much livelier and burn people energy so that their apatite will be raised significantly. Besides, it is said that one’s pulse, heart rate and blood pressure will increase when looking at red color. As a result, you should not try this color in bedroom.
  • Blue: blue is considered a neutral color that can be used in many different rooms in your house. It is one of the most popular colors for living room walls. Blue reminds people of something large, cool and gentle. When you apply blue for your living room, it seems bigger and cooler than ever. It is said that blue is conductive to aid in sleep and make people calmer. However, if it is in winter, it is not a wise choice to use blue in your living room. Some kinds of blue create cooling affects on people who looking at the walls in blue; even some of them can turn chilly.
  • Green: whenever we see green, you will immediately think of something related to nature such as forest, garden, trees. This color helps people feel restorative and quieting. Green is said to evoke tranquility and composure. Green affects directly on our eyes and reminds us of refreshment. It is one of the best choices of house owners in summer. Whenever they come home and see their green living room, they will feel comfortable most.
  • Pink: pink is not a popular color for walls in house. People often think it is a too girly color and not suitable for some kinds of room like living room. However, house improvers and designer are more creative to use pink to paint in living room. Pink has some special effect on human’s mood. They call it “pink effect”. “Pink effect” is closely related to romance. It is reported that pink links to the memories of dolls and little girls’ room. For me, pink is always a color of gentleness and romance. It is suitable most for living room of female house.
  • Brown: Brown is a quite special color. It is classified into dark color group. A designer said that brown, especially the brown of chocolate, make him think of cocooning. This color is also able to calm people down and make them feel cozy, snug and safe.
  • Orange: orange is a colorful color with sense of welcoming. However, it is not always a good idea to apply it in your living room. It has some similar features as of red. It has the ability to stimulate people, raise the appetite and increase energy of people who are looking at it. As a result, orange is a not color really suitable for living room. In winter, this color might be good. It makes people feel warm and energetic. Nevertheless, in summer, it will be a disaster. It burns people’s eyes and make them sweat.
  • White: White is favorite color of many people. It is a neutral color so that you can use it in any room of your house. White makes the room feel fresher, airier and opener. With white walls, you can apply some other decorating methods. For instance, you can draw some textures on the walls or easily hang stuff on the walls without afraid of making a mess in your room.
  • Yellow: yellow is another summer color. It is hot, energetic and stimulating. It reminds people of welcoming and warming. However, this color makes people angry easily. It is called summer color, but actually it is best to use yellow in winter and fall.


Essential tips to choose the right living room decorating themes

When you start decorating your living room, it is necessary to choose themes to set all pieces if furniture in your living room in. The ability to have your living room furniture look like a collective group is the most important element of having a decorating theme for your living room. However, many people forget this important point. They just place everything they like in the living room but do not mind whether they suit each other or not. Some others try to find things with common color, pattern or texture but they are eventually unmatched. If you really have in mind the idea of decorating themes, you will never meet this failure in decorating your living room and have the greatest living room ever.

In some ways, the living room themes now are common among people today, especially people have idea of home improvement. The most popular living room decorating themes deal with work, play and family. There is a shared feature of every category that is to meet utilizing demands of every member in the family. However, each one has some distictive difference in other ways.

If it is the living room decorating theme dealing with work, it will have your living room suitable and convenient for goals of work at home as office. Question here is that whether a living room can really be a home office. In fact, it is impossible; but somehow, the living room can afford to some feature of a real office, especially with high technology applied for home working. In home office theme concept, house owners and designers make use of every space in the room so that not any minor corner in the room is wasted. For instance, the sofa will become the working chair that allows your body upright. In case, you want to hold a meeting or conference at home, it can be seat of group of people and the living room table will become conference table. The more multi-functioned your furniture is, the more convenience you get.

When the theme for your living room is for playing, it turns out another concept. The bigger the living room is, the better result you can have. There is a great deal of methods to change fundamental living room into an incredible play room. The most common way is to make your living room a home theater by placing big plasma with DVD/CD player. You and your family can spend time playing video games or watching movies together. Sometime, you can do karaoke at weekend. When it is home office theme that you should make use of every space, in this concept, you should make as much free space as possible. A large living room will be an outstanding advantage of this concept. The more space you have, the more games you can play inside your living room.


Some suggestions for living room decoration

The popular problem for every one when they have to spring out some ideas for home improvement in general, and living room decoration in particular is to have some new and interesting ideas instead of some basic and monotonous ones. The reason for this problem is not that they are not creative but they are stuck in a plenty of different work to do. To help you solve the tackled problem here, I will suggest you six suggestions for living room decoration. Now, we continue with six suggestions for living room decoration today.

  1. A carpet for living room. Truly saying, a carpet in the living room plays an extremely important role in not only keep the room’s cleaning but also its visional beauty. You can choose any color for your living room carpet; it mostly depends on your interest and character. However, almost all of house owners prefer neutral color than dark color. It is because the neutral colors can match with every other color of other pieces of furniture in their house. The material of the carpet is also the thing you need to concern about. As you know, when people come into your house, they first step on your living room carpet. The carpet will hold back the dust on the shoes to prevent a part of them to break in your house. As a result, the material should be good at this. In case, the weather is rainy, the living room carpet will become a tool to clean the water on the shoes and save your floor from being wet. For these reasons, I recommend you to use a living room carpet with dark color if you are too lazy to wash it regularly; on the contrary, you should buy a dozen of living room carpet to replace them with each other occasionally.
  2. Curtain is considered a type of accessories for window. In your living room, windows should be covered by curtains for several reasons. First of all, we consider artistic aspect. When you hang curtain on the window, the window will be somehow more fairy and romantic. Another reason is for brightness modification. It is recommended by environmental expert to make use of natural light for your house. However, a disadvantage of using a natural lighting system is the brightness modification. You have to modify the level of light into your room by hand, actually by the curtain. If you want to low down level of light, you can close the curtains and the opposite.
  3. It is said that mantels show their best effect when they are used in the area where your fireplace placed in the living room. In fireplace in your living room, you always have to avoid placing fire – catchy things near to prevent fire from starting. The things like vase, candle set and so on are recommended to use in this kind of place. They are fire – proof and able to decorate this area to look more beautiful. It is because heat around there is higher than other area; you should not arrange real flowers in the vase. In case, you want to do this, you will have to replace them regularly so that flowers are always fresh and pretty.
  4. A green living room is expectation of almost every person. Green living room does not mean that you have to plant a lot of trees, bonsais or flower in your living room. As long as there are some plants in your living room, you can call your living room a green one. However, not all the plants are suitable to live indoor, so that you should do some researches to find out some proper ones for a living room. Some recommendations for you are Madagascar Dragon, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Mexican Fortune, Rubber, Kentia Palm, Umbrella Tree and so on. They are often herbal, potted and hanging plants as not to cover a lot of space in your living room.
    However, when you plant some trees and flowers in your living room, you should consider some safety tips. For instance, plants should be brought outside, or to the garden before you do to sleep. It is because at night, they breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. If you plant a lot of tree, they might breathe all of your oxygen inside your house and make you breathless. Therefore, you should learn more safety tips when you want to have plants inside your living room in particular and in your house in general.
  5. Chairs and sofas are essential pieces of furniture in any living room. Sometimes, you think they are too normal to become decoration marks in your living room. However, actually they can. At first, chairs and sofas have to be matched with other parts in your living room. They can be matched with each other in terms of color, style, shape and even material. Even though every piece of furniture in your living room has common, you should give some of them an outstanding point that makes them remembered in mind of visitor. If you do not have enough talent or eye of art, you should employ an interior designer to do this work for you.
  6. Some small things like candles can become very useful decoration in your living room. They are called master of romance. They always succeed to bring house owners a romantic atmosphere. A candle set is recommended to place on the fire place or on the dining room. Small fire on the candle always reminds people of some things warm but untouchable and attractive. If you want to arrange a romantic home date with your husband or wife, they will be good supporter for you.

I hope that the information I provide you are useful for you in home improvement and other housework.